W9D3 C25K DONE!!!

We did it! Took 42 minutes to run the full 5k. Changed up the route today so we’d run on the East Bay Bike Path along the water for most of the run. Nice and flat with only one hill. The bike path is the best place to run really so we’ll be using that from now on I think.


My progress chart is shown above. This thing is right above my desk and kept me motivated. I stuck to the program and ran every other day except last week when I caught a cold and had to take a couple days off. Ran two days back to back to make up the time since I really wanted to finish today. My chart basically just marked off each day I ran. W1D2 is the only day I repeated just for the “fun” of it. The multicolored day is marked to show the halfway point.

My advice to everyone doing this program is focus on the time and not the speed. Slow way down when you need to. Speed comes later. There will be days you can run fast and days where you feel really slow. It doesn’t matter as long as you are running and you do the time. Take rest days. I don’t recommend doubling up runs like I did unless you’re near the end of the program and feel like you can handle it. Even then you should be careful and run slow to avoid injury.

I started the program weighing in at 214.4 pounds and as of this morning weigh 196.2 pounds.  Woot!

Going to take the weekend off then start Active’s 5k to 10k program.


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