The Run before the Storm

My last two runs were on Jan. 23rd which I neglected to blog about. I ran twice that day because I knew the blizzard was coming and I would probably not be able to run during the week. Turns out I was totally right so I’m glad I got out there. Both routes below:

1st Run January 23rd
2nd Run January 23rd


We’re expecting another storm to hit overnight so I figured today was my last chance to get a run in. I haven’t been able to run at all this week because of last Monday’s blizzard. Too much snow and ice. No one seems to shovel anything in this town. Ugh.  Thankfully, today was a “warm” 31 degrees and perfectly sunny. I had to run a slow 12:30 pace because of snow/ice so my time was 51 minutes on the dot. Today’s route below:

Feb. 1st Run




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