In Neptune’s Wake

This last storm wasn’t too bad. It only dumped around 8 inches of snow here. Keri said the wind was insanely loud though. There’s more snow expected tomorrow. Will it ever end?

I was able to get out and do a quick 30 minute run before the storm hit on Saturday. I was able to run a 12 minute mile pace since I avoided the icy roads as much as possible. Running in full daylight helped a ton too. Route below:

Saturday's Valentine run
Saturday’s Valentine run

I just glanced out the front windows and it looks like the roads may be clear enough for a trip to the store. I need to head out soon before this next snowstorm hits. Because of the cold weather, we have been staying inside and keeping as warm as possible with great home-cooked meals and tea. We’ve also been working on our own little projects. I’m organizing all my old writings into binders and pulling out the best bits for new poems and lyrics. It’s a trip down Nostalgia Lane. I even found a drawing I did in 1975 when I was 2!

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