Cooking Up a Benevolent Life

The Benevolent Cook

Keri and I have a new project. The Benevolent Cook. The main goal of the site is to provide easy to cook vegan recipes. The project was inspired by our Whole30 experiments starting January. We’re currently in our third run-through of Whole30. We have both lost a significant amount of weight which is an awesome side perk to the program. It wasn’t our intention to lose weight but rather reset our eating habits. The biggest change for me was finally getting my meal portions under control. It doesn’t take too much food to satisfy me these days.

The Paper Journal

I have my own side project too. The Paper Journal. I’ve put this on the back burner and work on it when I can. Eventually I would like to have this be a comprehensive resource for journaling.

Speaking of Journals…

Next journal: Samma vayama. Click the image for full album.

I’m just about to finish my 21st journal and just recently finished designing and binding my next journal seen above. I’m just days away from starting it and I can barely wait!

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