A Break in the Winter

We finally got a break in this Winter weather with a “warm” 50 degree day today. Sweet! It was supposed to rain all afternoon but we really lucked out and didn’t feel a drop. It’s a good thing too because today Keri started her new Chicken Tender job in the East Side. She’ll be tending someone’s chickens for a small stipend and eggs. Good deal because there is nothing so delicious as a fresh egg for breakfast.

I took the good weather and Keri’s chicken tending as an opportunity to get a run in on the East Side. Ran a 2.81 mile loop in 35 minutes for a 12:30/mile average pace. Not bad. Hope Street heading North is pretty much one long hill. Route map is above.

I also ran yesterday down the Veterans Memorial Parkway for a good 32 minute 2.47 mile run. Bitter cold out for that run. Route below:

Jan. 17th route
Jan. 17th route

I would have blogged about that run yesterday but I got busy with a “new” project of mine. Actually an old project from 1999 that I started up again on my 40th birthday in 2013 but am now getting serious about. It’s not quite ready for the public but here’s a preview…


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