New Journal: A Giant Leap

I’m just days away from completing my 14th journal and I can hardly wait to use journal 15. I’ve titled it “A Giant Leap,” extracted from Neil Armstrong’s moon landing quote, since it fit with the outer space/sci-fi theme that I’m continuing from journal 14. I actually started designing the covers a couple months ago but finally got around to finishing them the other day.



I have this particular ritual that I follow when creating each new journal. When I’m within 20 to 30 pages of finishing a current journal I’ll start designing the new. I almost always start with the title and the title is usually what inspires the design. For this new journal I chose the title, “A Giant Leap,” because I’ve been working toward some new personal and professional goals in the past few months since I turned 40. I’ve been feeling I need to make that “giant leap” forward.





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