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Sunday morning…

Keri’s friend, Kim, who we met at Occupy Providence a couple years ago, is here. They’re talking about fermentation stuff. In an hour and a half or so we are heading back over to the East Side to see an apartment. 3 bed but no laundry so I’m not so sure about that. The rent is reasonable tho and the garden is only a block away. They said there is a laundromat in Wayland Square. Sure enough, there is. That’s good to know.

Craigslist ad for apartment
Craigslist ad for apartment

Been working daily on this band project with Randy. We’re gathering up everything we have and putting it on my Google Drive. I have converted 18 tapes to MP3 format and Randy has been transcribing them one at a time so we know exactly what’s on them. I’ve gotten all my handwritten/typed notes and lyrics in plastic sleeves in a binder. Protected. Scanned a lot of it.


Well… well… We loved the apartment and told the woman, Liz, that we wanted it. She showed the place to one couple before us and another right after. We went for coffee and caught the first bus home. Emailed her to thank her and she wrote back right away to offer us the place. Sweet! $1000 a month for a 3 bedroom is a great deal. We’ll deal with the laundry when that comes.


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