Digital Drums

After 20 something years of wanting and waiting, I finally have my very own digital drum kit! Some guy out in Cranston put his Simmons SD5K kit up for sale on Craigslist for only $150.00! I arranged a ride with Wayne to get out there and after an hour or so of email tag the guy finally shows up. Kit works and sounds pretty good from what I could tell. I brought it home and gave it a quick cleaning and rearranged the setup to my liking. Still haven’t gotten to play it yet but soon! I need to move it into the office and get it all plugged in. Need to read the manual and learn how to use the “brain.” So stoked.

For the past week I’ve been chatting/emailing with Randy and we’re going to collaborate on some new songs. He has already sent new music and lyrics for me to work with. I spent a few days organizing all our old band stuff I have. We’ve an order in for a tape to MP3 converter. I’ll be converting all the old band tapes I have to digital. Randy will then go through and label stuff. There may be a song or two worth resurrecting. Who knows? I have no idea what is on most of the tapes.

I’m really excited to actually have this kit. It means I’ll pretty much be able to practice whenever I want since I don’t have to plug it into an amp to play. If I do, well, no problem – they guy threw in a CRATE practice amp for free. Sweet deal!


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