12/8/2005 "As The Crow Flies"

After midnight and the power is out. We had to call PG&E to come check on the power line. Power has been flickering a lot lately and in the past few days it has knocked the computer out a few times. Keri and I sit here in the silent candlelight writing in our journals. Must sleep soon since I’ve an earlier day today. Erin Clark from Artworks/KSBW is coming in again or at least a photographer for the mag is to shoot photos of us working in the studio. Later in the day members of the Cannery Row Co. board may come by. Steven was (maybe still is) about to get evicted from the studio and gallery tomorrow for $7000 back rent past due. He ran off to see Ted B. this afternoon to talk them out of it. What really will happen remains to be seen. The power just came back on and I can see again.

Best of U2 I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For on but skipping! Grr. So much for that. We’re in the bedroom now for the last episode of Roseanne for the night.

Evening…and I’m a bit buzzed. Free drinks at Sly’s thanks to Chris. Slow day and I feel I’m postponing the inevitable. I feel sad and melancholic. Miles and John in my head.

Keri and I keep thinking about Jim. I really wish I had met the guy. He had so many friends and a life people dream of.

Gettin’ ready to go see “What’s Buggin’ Seth?” at the State Theater. Movie about hard of hearing guy like me set in Monterey.

Tomorrow I work at Dad’s. Probably won’t sell a thing. I never do. But at least I’ll get paid. Actually already paid. I do feel bad tho since I owe Dad money but I need the money. Things have to change soon.

DAMN! That movie was good. I was laughing throughout because I could totally relate to everything going on with the main character. Seth Singer is a deaf man like me. Funniest scene was the sex scene with the double amputee girl, Alma. Fuckin’ hilarious. After the movie we met the director and I told him how much I related to the movie. The entire thing was filmed here in Monterey and Spreckels so it was a trip to walk out of the theater onto the actual movie location.


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