12/12/2005 "As The Crow Flies"

Monday. Last few hours I’ve been busy cleaning up the studio and gathering images for collage. Keri has just left to go take her ASL final. She has definitely passed the course. Stuck in a Moment playing. I don’t plan on going in to the sculpture studio tomorrow. Instead I’m off to earn 50 bucks from Mom by cleaning out the living room closet that’s packed full of crap. 3 or 4 years of crap. Somewhere in there is the modem card for the old powerbook laptop I have. Probably won’t do much good. Today was slow. I only put 4 hours in before heading here. I’m not sure what I’m waiting for.

Been gathering images for hours while Keri struggles to paint. She’s thinking too much.

The plan is set or tomorrow.  I’ll be at Mom’s for the day. $50! Sure will come in handy. Just over one week until my monthly check comes in. God! I hate this. I’m 32 and still not financially stable. I’ve just emailed Steven to let him know I won’t be in til wednesday. That’s when the photographer from Artworks is supposed to come in. He is being featured in the next issue. Hopefully that will bring in some business. He hasn’t said anything about what he plans to do. I’ve got to do something soon. I feel torn. I’m sure Keri would think I’m nuts. Ha ha.

Looks like Keri has found her new CASSIE KENNEDY. I won’t disturb her genius. I think she’s absolutely brilliant even when she may not think so. Incredibly talented! Keri is a real inspiration to me. Damn! She wiped it. Heh. She’ll drive herself crazy if she doesn’t learn how to turn off that damn inner critic that says NO NO NO NO NO! Kill the critic within!

Yesterday, I watched the movie Hidalgo which is about this horseman Frank Hopkins who supposedly raced across the Arabian desert in the 1890’s to win the money needed to buy all the remaining mustangs of the Sioux Indians massacred at Wounded Knee. Good movie I thought. Touching at the end when he sends his horse Hidalgo to live free with the other mustangs. The horses were to be slaughtered by the US government I guess so the Indians wouldn’t be able to have them. Who knows. What I do know is that our stupid government still hasn’t cleansed its bad karma in regard to what the white man did to the Native American. White man suck.


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