12/11/2005 "As The Crow Flies"

Sunday 1:13 am. and we’re still at the studio. I’ve just finished helping Mary Rose put together 1/2 of this huge flat file she’s brought to the studio. In the morning she and Matt bring the top half. I had the idea that she put her desk on top and use the tall swivel chair. May be too high but cool if it worked. Listening to some kind of trance-like club music. Keri spent most of the day practicing piano. We went to Music Unlimited earlier and she bought a Ben Folds piano book for Songs for Silverman and a chord chart that’s definitely coming in handy. I brought in my guitar and U2 books for some variety.

Mary Rose has just left for the night. Keri’s finally on a roll with a new painting.

Eve. I started a new set of rubber stamps. One for each day of the week. I should try making others that I’d use often. Months. Year. Moods. In the early afternoon, Felicia and I are going to the dump to look for stuff to turn into art. I’m also looking for posts for the bed so Keri and I can build the damn thing. I’m wishing we had Gorillaz here to listen to. The first one. The second may be here somewhere. Anyway, not sure if Mom is coming tomorrow or not but I think it would be cool to just hang with Felicia since I hardly get to see her since she moved here. I’m glad she’s here now. We need to get Garrett out here. If his girlfriend Emily transfers  to school out here he might. I wish we were all as close as we used to be. Time and distance happens with everyone. I miss the closeness I shared with all my old friends and I’m thankful for what I have now.

It’s late. It’s early. Depends on your point of view but to me it’s 1:49 a.m. Almost time to head home. Keri works tomorrow. After my dump trip I want to get the house cleaned up before it gets too messy again. Keri and I were just trying to play a duet version of Imagine on the piano. It’s so cool that we have a real piano to use here in the studio.

11:30 a.m. I’m showered and dressed and hungry. Tempted to go spend the last of my money on food but I really want to save it for coffee tomorrow. Another week and a half til my monthly check comes in. That’s pretty much spent already. Fuck. I hate being poor. Ok gettin’ food before a headache comes on.


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