Wild Thangs

While packing for our upcoming move, I found my “PsychoDaisy Songbook” binder. This is an old notebook binder that I have filled with old band lyrics, lists, and notes going as far back as Summer of 1992. It wasn’t until 1993 that the band really came together and actually set aside practice times.

We only did two cover songs back then. Wild Thing and Purple Haze. I actually still have the hand-printed lyrics that Zak had taped up on our kitchen cabinets so he could sing while playing the bass. This was in 1993 around April or so. I hadn’t picked up the drums yet so we were a two bass player band. The photo above is from one of the kitchen jam sessions that these lyric sheets were used in. From left to right: Zak MacRae  (bass), me (bass), Sid Angelito (keyboard), and Randy Budano (guitar).

Zak’s handwritten alternate lyrics to Wild Thing.
Zak’s handwritten alternate lyrics to Purple Haze.



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