Ah remember Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams?

A bit drunk, a bit stoned…

thinking lines from a pome… “there should be a calm before the storm but I haven’t seen it” actually a line from this journal from months back taken out for new pome. not sure what I’ll do with it or what it will become. “I am the calm. come to my shore.”

I saw Josie again tonight. it went well and we got along fine. I got to visit the cats. I’m really happy she found a place she that allows pets. I was worried we’d have to split them up and give them away. Damn I miss them.

Otherwise, I’m good. Had a good day today with Steven at the studio. Cast 3 plaster castings of pieces so we can send molds off to the foundry tomorrow. Going back again friday when I’ll finally get to see him sculpt! No models yet. We’ll be working on his Bacchus piece (mythological figure).

Sitting here wondering where in the world the woman meant for me is. What she’s doing right now. If she’s wondering who I am.

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