up too late

Couldn’t fall asleep until late.

Up now listening to Miles. Making burritos.

Decided last night that it’s time to end it officially with Josie. Today I’ll tell her my intent to file divorce papers. I wish it didn’t have to be this way but she’s left me no choice. I tried everything I could to make it work but she doesn’t care and continues to hurt me. Yesterday with the car insurance stuff was the last straw. The marriage is definitely beyond repair. Maybe one day we can be friends again but right now I just can’t see it happening. My ring is off.

2 responses to “up too late”

  1. Yeah, that car insurance stuff definitely was uncalled for……. I was just dumbfounded as I was reading about that…….. stupid behavior on her part.
    And yeah, like you said, you’ve tried every possible way to repair relations, but she obviously doesn’t care……. guess it’s for the best now to go on w/ yr life and cut her out of it, because she’ll just keep on w/ that shit, from the sound of it……

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