Transcribed Entry October 1994

Epitome – done

Tomorrow’s Sunday – almost done

Bullets —– need drum lines.

She wore Winter –

This movie is so old! The lighting is so bad that you can’t see what the artwork looks like. I can’t believe that we’re watching this shit. The soundtrack is so bad that you can’t understand the talking. This is boring! Too much music! Too much static. What artist is this film about? 38 more minutes to go! I wish I sat in the back so I could go to sleep. This is the Renaissance, why are we watching stuff about Roman ruins? This is psychotic! I’d rather be in Physics. The script sucks. Cheesy! The film’s movement is too jerky. What’d you say about my momma? Bam! Bam. Bam. 15 minutes to go! Please let me out of here. Boring! Janick is a Nazi. Blah. Blah. Blah. Propaganda!!!!!! Let’s go!

-transcribed from a typewritten transcription of a journal entry written during Mr. Janick’s Art History 101 class at MPC. Worst class ever.

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