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If you haven’t seen The Secret yet then you are missing out. I’ve seen it at least 20 times already. If you have seen it and don’t “get” it, I urge you to open your mind to what the message is. Ignore some of the campiness of the film and try out what it’s all about. Thoughts become things. It really truly does work. If you don’t believe me then try it for yourself.

In my own experience, this does work. Keri and I decided over a year ago that we needed to move away from Monterey. We didn’t know where we’d go or how we’d get there. All we knew was we wanted to have something new. So we set that idea out there and sure enough the opportunities came in. The first was the craigslist ad for the apartment we now live in here in Rhode Island. I found this place and knew immediately that it was the apartment. Within a week or so it was ours. At that point it was all about packing up and moving. Now it’s been over 6 months since the move and we’re still living the Secret. As I’ve paraphrased before, “Thoughts become things.”

Sometimes it’s hard and you just don’t think things are possible. Well, you know life is hard sometimes but in the end it always works out. Just keep your eye on the prize, as they say, and all will work out fine.

Check out the Secret and change your life.

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  1. Well…I spent most of last year “living” the concepts in the film and audiobook and my experience is that it’s not realistic to expect one’s exact wishlist to arrive exactly the way we first picture it (or even very close to it), and the film kind of makes it sounds like as long as your faith is strong enough, you can have life your way. It gave me the courage to follow some big dreams, but it also led to some fiscal irresponsibility that can’t be undone (and the film and book kind of made it sound like if you’re worried about playing it safe, you’re going to attract problems). Being content with what you do receive after you ask, even if it doesn’t fit the bill precisely, is worth cultivating. I like how the film says that focusing on gratitude is essential.

  2. I found the film to be a kind of give and take. What I took from it was the basic underlying principles: Don’t want to be in debt? Fix it and forget about it. I think that’s fairly reasonable.

    I think that it would be silly for me to say “I want a million dollars” and then just wait for it to show up.

    But, I would say that what I got from the movie was to say “I want a million dollars” to either confirm that you really want it or do something to actually get it. I think by writing it down, confirming it verbally, etc., one greatly increases the chances of acquiring it because it becomes your intent to make it happen.

    And like you, fp, I think focusing on gratitude is essential. I noticed that once I started being grateful for what I have instead of looking at what i DID NOT have, my life became much more in balance (even if it still slides into the abyss of madness on occasion).

  3. Well… I think it has been about a year since I was introduced to The Secret and I can honestly say that my life has truly changed for the better. I used to talk a big game about wanting to ‘be’ an artist. I dabbled with sculpture for years but never took myself seriously. Before I had even read the book or seen the video I made the decision to take a leap and do what it was that I had talked about for years, the first step of my 1000 mile journey began with my believing in myself. I think that for me The Secret helped me see the mechanics of how I was as well as where I was and opened up my mind to the taunting question which had plagued me up until that moment. What do I want?
    What do you really want? Sounds an innocent enough question but I think many people fall into the money trap all to easily. “I want a million dollars!” If you think that is the answer then I think you have to ask one more question…. “What are you going to do with a $1,000,000? I battled the fiscal conundrum for months, then it dawned on me…. I want to believe in myself and truly love myself.
    The effects of this new knowledge were instant. I could see the patterns of the past and how I could change them as I moved into the future.

    I can still remember the day I first answered the question, “so, what do you do?” with, “I am a sculptor!” In that moment I understood, if I wanted others to see me as an artist I had to first see myself as one. From that day forward it is how I see myself.

    As I said, it has been almost a year now and my work resides in private collections across the US, I have had my first show. I’ve had an installation at Disney World and am now working on several other projects. Each day I begin my studio time by medetating. While I work I count my blessings and give gratitude for the ability to create. My thoughts became the things I truly wanted.

    Forgive the self promotion; you can see my work on

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