the primaries

I suppose I probably have enough time left to go register to vote before the Rhode Island primary. Now, I’m a democratic socialist but since there aren’t any of those running it looks like Senator Obama is the best choice out there. I used to think it would be great to have Hillary in the White House. I loved Bill. He was just cool. Not counting the Lewinsky debacle, of course. Hillary is not who we want in there. No way. Uh uh. Her health care plan is awful for one thing. Mandatory health insurance. Sounds good on the surface but health insurance is pricey even with the couple hundred extra bucks she wants to give us. Screw that. What really bothers me about Senator Clinton is her corporate background. Did you all know she worked for WalMart?! I don’t see any redemption from that. Hillary just looks fake to me. I read recently how she was questioned by some New Hampshire voter on “how she did it” as in how did she make it through the day. She gave that vote a couple crocodile tears and once done was right back into campaign mode. Hmm. Was that emotion real?

Across the party line there’s only John McCain. Romney is out. Whew. Huckabee? There’s just no way. McCain is the dude the Democrats are up against. McCain is Bush all over again. Does anyone remember G.W. kicking this guy’s butt in the 2000 election? G.W. beat this guy. That should tell you something right there. I have read recently that he is not even qualified for the presidency based on his place of birth. Technically, is John McCain even qualified to run for the Presidency? Check this out. A vote for McCain is just another vote for Bush. We’ve had enough.

Senator Obama seems to be the best choice so far. I await the primaries to see the outcome. One good thing out of all this…George Dubya Bush is gone on January 20th, 2009. Whew.

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