The Police State?

I found this video surfing the news today. Yikes. Fortunately, this police officer is now suspended.

I also read a recent interview in which Antonin Scalia says he thinks torture is probably ok. Unfortunately, Scalia is still a Supreme Court Justice for LIFE.

And then I find out that Congress voted to ok the warrantless wiretapping of American citizens and to give retroactive immunity to corporations that contributed to this spying on the American people.

Great, just great. Unfortunately, we just voted most of those guys into office last winter.

This kind of stuff is in the news every single day. Incidently, I stumbled across an article that discussed the 14 characteristics of Fascism. The parallels with the current state of the U.S. is uncanny.

Click the Image below to see the same points from that article with specific examples.

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