Thank you, Allen Ginsberg


America, I’m sad.
America, someone is speaking well of you, it’s not me.
I speak ill of you.
America, these things have been said and asked before.
Can you not see your Orwellian horror?
When will you turn off the TV?
All I see are guns and the dead.
America, why do you kill yourself daily?
I am we, you are me, we are all together
America, why are you so shocked? You did it all yourself.
Sometimes I see your point.

America, what is the price of suffering?
I have so many questions.
You give me no answers.
This is eating me up inside.

America, when will our leaders be like us? Maybe they are…I don’t know. You don’t give me the whole story.
America, when will your Rights and Lefts and middles come together and go one way?
I’m a socialist…you wouldn’t let me in anyway.

There’s a fire.
America, you don’t want to hear this but you’re bisexual. Everyone is. Get used to it and shut your mouth.
America, I stare at computers and porn and drink coffee and smoke and bite my nails and take drugs and write sexually and admire the women and piss on cars like any other decent citizen.
Get it through your head!

America, I have hopes for you.
I hope we’ll all get stoned and mellow out a bit.
God knows you need it.

Allen addressed you, now I address you.
America, I’m serious.
I’m scared for the kids I don’t even have yet.
I weep for people I don’t even know.
America, get your shit together.
America, I’m counting on you.
Don’t make me move outta here.
America, I’m going to keep shouting until you give in.
Listen to me!
America, the world is watching.

America, when will you kiss the dictator’s lips?
When will you realize that no one is listening to you?
When will the adults deal with the adult things and kids be kids again?
America, this is not how I remember you from my childhood.
America, why are you so angry?
I’m angry for the right reasons.
America, I should just kill you and get it over with.
How can I do that when I’m a pacifist?
Do you even know what a pacifist is?
Our forefathers are rolling over in their worms.
They can’t stand the sight of you!
Me, I can barely tolerate it.

America, let’s have sex.
Sex makes everyone feel good.
America, I don’t have a condom. How do I know you won’t infect me?
It’s too late, I’m already a goner.
America, will you hold my hand? It’s getting dark and cold in here. I’ll die for sure.
America, what medicine do you prescribe?

America, we’re thieves.
America, we’re killers.
America, you get one slap on the wrist.
Everyone’s gunning for you.
America, you’re a contradiction…I don’t get you.
Have you forgotten everything your mommies and daddies taught you?
They say “Crazy American Imperialists!” and you know they’re right. I have to agree.
Where’s your blind eye lookin’?

America, there’s no such thing as RACE.
America, I kissed a man.
America, I masturbate several times daily.
America, so do you…don’t deny it, you know it’s true.

America, how long can you hold up this charade? I don’t feel like playing anymore.
Give me my prize and be done with it.

America, I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do.
I’m gonna be myself.
I’m gonna love love love.
But I tell you, America, it’s harder than it looks.
I’m disappointed in you, you make HATE too easy.
I hate to hate.

America, I’m gonna embrace you.
America, I’ll hold your hand.
America, bow to peer pressure.
America, let’s take the day off and listen to jazz.
America, I’m serious.
America, I want you to be serious too.
I’m talking to you!
America, open your eyes! The big video screen is before you pumping out all the images you never thought you’d have to see.
America, I’m takin’ the remote away so you have no excuse but to watch.

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  1. zThis is really a great poem. Always thought so. Full of attitude, passion, and sensitivity. Lots of twists and turns.

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