I actually got up much earlier than usual today and helped Keri build some trellises (sp?) for all the plants we’ve got growing. Everything is growing like mad! This Saturday we’ll be heading over to the community garden to help clean it up and ready for planting on May 15th. Keri’s been put in charge of the garden there. I’m going to fix up the sign for it and make it way cool and hopefully get people interested in what we’re doing.

In keeping with the spirit of spring, I’ve been cleaning the apartment daily and will do one more deep clean right before Borba arrives so it’s all spic and span.

Right now I’m chilling and half working on some webstuff. I’ve just finished the new site design for Heidimonkey.com. It’s looking good and will have more pages and features added soon. Check it out.

Also check out my new video of the week. It must of been Star Wars day on reddit when I found it and also this.

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  1. I like the site you built for HeidiMonkey. Do you have to speak computer jargon to do all that? I know some places give you templates to work off of but if you are doing it professionally how does all that work? Does the customer get the site themselves and then you deco it up?

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