So What?

I love this! “So What?” is the first song on Kind of Blue which is Miles Davis’ best album and probably the best jazz album ever. Ask any jazz musician and they’ll probably tell you the same. This album sure takes me back. I used to sit up late at night with this on repeat, a bottle of merlot, and a scroll of paper threaded into my old manual typewriter. Miles Davis, man! Can you dig it? I knew that you could! Miles and Jack Kerouac are huge influences on me. Those late wine and jazz filled nights brought out a lot of creative energy. Of course, Jack Kerouac was a huge Jazz fan and heavily influenced by the bebop of Bird aka Charlie Parker who is just as cool and gone as the other cats on that scene. Can you dig it? I knew that you could.

So, get your wine out, click the play button, and read on….

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