DSCN2796-752363Ah! Another good workout today. After actually eating not so well over the weekend we are both edging closer to our goal weights. What better way to celebrate than a trip to Doherty’s East Avenue Irish Pub? We had our usual. Wings for Keri and Buffalo potatoes for me. Of course, I washed that down with 3 Narragansetts. Sounds like I’m blowing my diet but you’d be wrong. I’m not on a diet. I’m on a lifestyle change here. I can have the things I like and that includes the beer. Gone are the days of chain smoking cigs and chugging 24 packs of Pabst but there’s no reason I can’t have a night at the pub every so often. Besides, Doherty’s is just a great place to go.

Not much for the post tonight ‘cuz I want to get back to reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. Great book so far but I need to read it off the treadmill. Chabon’s writing requires some concentration but it’s worth the read.

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