Propadhamma on MySpace

Picture-15-721526I picked up a book at the library the other day that is all about hacking your MySpace layouts. For those of you who don’t know, MySpace is an example of Web 2.0. It’s one of the things I’m learning about while I practice my web design skills. I just spent HOURS working on myspace page for Propadhamma to see if I could make it look cool.

Here it is…. The Propadhamma MySpace Page

I’ve actually left a lot of the functions out that are normally available like pictures , music, and video. Instead I created another blog widget connected to the Prop Manifesto blog which is the main content for the page. I also switched the layout around. Only two parts of the page actually look “MySpace-ish”; the top advert and the bottom Friends list/Comment area.

Tomorrow I’ll attempt to redo my regular page.

*edit:Myspace sucks. I’m on Facebook.*

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