I should be working on my homework but people keep stopping by and interrupting me so now I’m trying to get inspired.

Miles on the cd player. I want to learn to play the trumpet next.

Thanksgiving is a few days away. First one in years without Josie. She’s not even celebrating the holidays this year. Too commercial she says. Well, sure…but if you can get past that the holidays are about spending time with family and friends. The people you love. I’m going up to San Jose for tday with Dad and Sky for a big feast at Melita’s (dad’s gf and high school drama teacher). Will get to meet her kids. Her son is a chef who works with Wolfgang Puck and her daughter designed the latest versions of the Palm pda. Pretty cool.

Hungry. What to eat? Salad sounds good at the moment but I don’t have enough to go in. Need cucumber, red bell pepper, avocado, carrots. I’ve got enough ingredients to make dressing. Lemon olive oil, orange lemon vinegar, some mustard, dollop of mayo, pinch of sugar and dash of pepper.

I love to cook. Need to learn more recipes or at least experiment.

I can’t wait until this week is over and there’s a finality to all this with Josie. She has to be out of the house a week from today. Once I know where she ends up I think I’ll feel much better and not worry so much about her. It’s hard not being able to help her. I could but she needs to learn her lessons.

Mom stopped by earlier today with news from Steven the sculptor I’m going to try out for. Will be meeting him next week. She thinks I’ll get the apprenticeship for sure. Earlier today she was in Carmel and met this girl who’s into Kerouac and has modeled for Steven. I swear to god every person she meets she tells them about me and how I like kerouac. As if he’s the only author I like or the only thing that interests me.

Dad and Gpop (grandfather) stopped by too and offered to take me thrift shopping for brandy glasses. Ha. I had two and broke one. Gpop discovered that seltzer water mixes great with brandy. I prefer it straight.

Jesse will be here in a couple hours for a short visit.

Thinking about music. I really should form another band. What kind? Either rock or jazz but most likely rock. I’ve got plenty of songs in my head. Thinking maybe I should take voice lessons for singing. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but was too afraid to do it. At least in front of an audience. Strange tho because I had no problem playing bass in front of over 50 people after only 3 weeks of learning how to do it. Not to mention the 300 plus crowd at my last Gabby’s Tuition show as the drummer. What a rush! Beats any drug any day.

Thinking of my paper journal. I’ve got 10 pages or so left to go until I finish it. Over 2000 pages and ten journals so far. It’s mostly crap but there are some entries I really dig.

I must start working on the Del Monte Blues book again. New poem… Reprise for Del Monte Blues. Makes sense considering I’m in the apartment where it all began.

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