For the past 3 days Keri and I have been watching our neighbor’s dog, Pono. He’s so cool and so full of energy that I was amazed he was pretty mellow once inside the house and he didn’t try to hump my leg at all the whole time. I walked him several times a day and noticed that he just loves to pee in the same places every time. He makes sure he really gets it good. He’s also incredibly strong and a few times here and there he would drag me down the street. He’s back home now but definitely welcome again.

In other news, I’ve spent quite a few hours over the last couple days working on one of my secret projects that I really hope to be able to unveil for you all soon. I suppose that’s not much news since I can’t tell you what it is but let’s just say I’m getting to be an expert at PHP and MySQL.


  1. know what’s funny? Dogs like to be the one who peed the highest on a tree. It’s an ego thing. So, Sherlock being a little dog, he will prettymuch lift his leg all the way past pointing towards the sun and practically 1/2 back to the ground again, a balancing act that sometimes fails and causes him to stumble.

    However the other dogs must smell it and go wow, a wolfhound is nearby!

  2. Air Bono! LOL.

    Can’t wait to finally see the unveiling of the top secret project.

    Saw your twitter–i drink the same flavored creamer, too. mmmmm!

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