Oh the Pain! The Pain!

I am sore. Ran another 3 miles at the gym today and it was a struggle. Normally Keri and I only go 3 days a week but we went yesterday to work off that Doherty’s night out. I was already tired getting to the gym so the extra workout made it tough. I stuck it out tho and did the 3 miles. Overall, I feel great tho. Just a few months ago I was pretty much eating nothing but junk and smoking like a chimney. Never again. Keri and I look forward to our gym days now. Who would’ve thought? My current goal is to run 2 of those miles continuously instead with the fastwalk breaks in between. That’s 24 minutes of solid running. Yikes. It sounds like torture but it’s definitely worth it. I’m down about 25 pounds from when we moved here in July. Currently at a weight-loss plateau but that’s ok because I can see the changes in my body shape finally. By summer I hope to be at my goal weight of 155 or thereabouts.

Anyway, now I’m at home working on another video which isn’t gelling quite yet. Keri’s cooking up another gourmet meal in the kitchen. Later tonight we’ve got the first couple episodes of Deadwood season 2 to watch. Check the show out if you haven’t. It takes a couple episodes to get into and then it’s superb. Definitely NOT for kids.

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