nothing pressing to do today

Finally a day off where I don’t have to do a damn thing. It’s good to be busy tho cuz it gets my mind off the fact I’ve an empty apartment to come home to. But today is me time so I’m going to kick back, read, listen to music, and eat.

What to read?… Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies. Good short stories.

What to listen to?… Well since I still don’t have all my cds back I suppose a rotation of Miles, men at work, U2, and the Cure will have to do.

What to eat?… Just cooked up some Thai noodles lemongrass chili flavored. “Fancy Ramen” ha

What to kick?… The kick drum (bass drum to you laypeople).

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  1. j dogg,
    i totally read that. the best one is the one in which it takes a power outage and darkness to get a time-tired couple to talk again. I adore her simple warmth that rises from each page; she’s a remarkable story teller.
    so you posted a personal? god, online dating is such a gamble. be careful though—keep your car keys handy in case you have to run the other way, hahahaa!
    cookies, i’ve been eating way too many cookies today. gerddd. i feel like a heffer though i worked out as usual this morning. i can be such a fucking girl. so when can we plan a wknd? let me know soon!
    Ps. i like the new pic!! Cheers!

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