late night…

ok I’ve been drinking pabst so that adds to the melancholy….

I’m feeling lonely these days. Sure, I have Keri and she’s great without a doubt…but I need some friends to hang out with. Why is it so damn hard to meet cool, genuine people?!!!! The last friend I made was awesome. Same interests. Good rapport. Fun times. But then he showed his true colors and because of it I couldn’t be friends with him any longer. Shit.

I feel lonely tonight for sure. Wishing for things past. Unsure of the future.

today’s Randy’s birthday. he worked today. bigger things on his mind like the fact that his daugther is now checking out guys.
zak’s a dad now too. and from what i hear so is nelson. i feel like they’ve grown up and i’m stuck in the 20s in a 30s body.

why do i always feel like i’m waiting for something?

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