Ok. Finally. This is my absolute last day of work at the Aquarium. Last weekend was supposed to be it and I told them that but damn did they get mad so I said I could give them this one last day. That’s it. No more. Goodbye! ha

So anyway, I haven’t been able to post in days. Was going to Friday evening but got message from Kirk to come on up and they’d pay for a cab ride in the rain. That was the plan then right as I called for the cab Josie showed up at my door with some more of my stuff. Still no cds. Cancelled the cab when Josie offered a ride up.

Went to Jesse’s work ASL xmas party yesterday and only single woman there was about 5 minutes away from giving birth. So no luck there.

Tonight, going to relax and watch tv if anything good is on. Working for Steven tomorrow and probably Tuesday.

more later…