I must thank Borba!

Drinking a nice icy cold Narragansett courtesy of John Borba and feeling damn good! Also, in the spirit of true Borbadom, Keri and I had some 7 and 7’s earlier.

Today was somewhat procheers!ductive. I got a bunch of the wall paint touchups done. One more little bit to do tomorrow and the apt is as good as new. Spring cleaning time! I torn down the plastic on 3 of the windows and over the next 2 weeks will take down the rest and air this place out. Not that it smells bad or anything (smells like fresh baked bread and roasted coffee) but the past 5 months of solid winter have made it feel stuffy in here.

Just over a week and a half to go until the next episode of Lost after the short break. 5 episodes left in the season which has so far been the best yet.

I’m on beer number two and feeling a nice little buzz. It’s a welcome relief after doing the yearly taxes. I’m suddenly reminded of a quote from Legends of the Fall… “Screw the Government!” I hate taxes. I should be ok with it. However, the latest statistics say that over 40 percent of our tax dollars go to WAR.  I don’t support that. Grrr. Another beer? nah.  I must conserve in this day and age.

13 days til Borba and we are counting down!!!

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