Finally home for the next day and a half at least. The trip to Oakland for Lisa’s party was cool. Cat and the baby were sick so they stayed home and I went up with Kirk and Aaron. Greg and Rose were at the party too. Spent pretty much the whole time eating, drinking, smokin, and playing games. Good times. Rose gave me a set of Buddha magnets and a copy of The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Awesome and very thoughtful gift. Cat and Kirk gave me a little Hotei bodhisattva statue for my altar. Lisa gave me a gift set from Starbucks full of goodies from which I’m now currently eating the truffles. Aaron gave me this funny devil clock with a moving goatee.

I worked with Steven today. Easy slow day. Worked on the kneeling sculpture chasing today. Helped with a photo shoot for his new ad for Carmel Magazine.

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