Floating art in my beer

Ghosts of Memory
Trinity IPA

Keri and I walked down to the Hope Artiste Village about a mile from here to an art opening we were invited to by the guy who runs The Floating Art Project. Keri will be participating in the project soon. Anyway, The show was pretty cool with a nice turn out considering the weather. It was all photography up on the walls and very nicely presented in a spruced up old mill building. We met one artist, David Simione, who had very interesting and beautiful work. His photographs were from his “Institutional Decay” collection comprised of shots of abandoned and disintegrating mental institutions in the New England. Awesome. You can see his work here. Second best part of the show was the free beer! Can’t pass it up even tho it was a pale ale. Someone please give away some lager…please. Here’s the beer…

After the show we decided to drop in at Doherty’s for a quick unhealthy bite to eat. Next week is their Christmas party with a special rare beer on the menu. I’ll be there!

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