feeling idiotic

I actually just posted a yahoo personal ad just to see what would happen. I’m telling you the single life sucks. I don’t mind being on my own but damn it does get lonely here at night.

I had a dream last night where I met some girl and we hit it off and it was like being a couple again. No sex in the dream at all. Just hugging and kissing. ah damn I miss it.

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  1. Hey there dearie, lemme tell ya– you might seem lonely now, and I’m sure you are, but I think you should really revel in yr loneliness right now, because later on when you’re inevitably in another long-term relationship, you might be wanting these days back……… This coming, of course, from someone who’s been living w/ the same guy for…….. I don’t know……. five years? Maybe it’s been longer than that. Who knows. Lost count. See what I mean, tho? I’ve never lived on my own– not that I think I could, but I sort of envy you at the moment, because you’ve got the opportunity to write all nite w/ no distraction, etc.– Take all of that frustration, loneliness, etc., and put it into yr work, boy, I’m telling you……. Listen to me- I know what I’m talking about! *wink*

    As a sidenote- why Achtung Baby so often? Just curious, y’know…… You listened to that concert I sent over to you, didn’t you? That ought to perk you up some…….. 🙂

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