feeling as zak would say

Antzy. Antsy. How do you spell that word?!


I got back today from feeding Cat and Kirk’s cats and I hear a voice calling my name. I spin around and there, across Del Monte Avenue, is Susanna! I invited her in for conversation and buttermilk pie. Jesse’d be jealous. heh Anyway, we had good long heartfelt talk about our lives and heartaches. She leaves tomorrow for Palo Alto for a couple weeks then is off to New York to live with her mom. I’m bummed she won’t be staying in town.

Sitting here now listening until the end of the world… the lyrics on this album seem new again tho I’ve heard it all hundreds of times. The band recorded this and wrote the lyrics around the time Edge divorced his first wife so a lot of it I can really relate to now.

I plan to go in to give notice at work tomorrow. Yahhhhhhg! A bit nervous cuz of the timing but dammit I want out!

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