feeling alive

I woke up this morning feeling good. Best in a while probably mostly because I finally got a full night’s rest since I bought some new Martha Stewart sheets (heh) and a regular blanket so I don’t have to use a sleeping bag anymore.

Feeling thankful for all my wonderful friends.

Coffee is brewing. Hazelnut cream to add.

I give notice at the Aquarium today. Will go down in a couple hours but want to check in with Dad about the gallery first then head on over. Not looking forward to it or going back to work tomorrow. Shit do I even remember the job?! Haven’t been in since the beginning of October.

Payday today at least and with a retro raise on top of it so I’ll have some extra money. If it’s a lot I’m getting my car fixed as soon as I can.

Hmm what else to do? I should pull out the Del Monte poems and work on those and start finding the structure for the new one Reprise.

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