day off

Been doing absolutely nothing really today other than chatting and coming up with gallery names.

Thinking I should write up what my ideal woman is instead. Damn, the single life does kinda suck don’t it?

Damn again, never thought I’d have to go through this again. There’s gotta be a way to bypass the whole deal! They should invent a machine where you punch in all the qualities you want in a mate, press a button and out comes the person of your dreams. Real with workable parts. Lifetime warranty included. ha.

Let’s see… off the top of my head she must first of all be intelligent. No airheads for me. Should be good looking although I really am not superficial it would still be nice to have a hot woman! Pimples, being overweight, things of that nature don’t bother me a bit. We’re only human right? haha She should be emotionally together i.e. NOT PSYCHO. Careerwise she could do anything but I prefer the arty types…writers, artists etc. Um shit what else? She should be honest. Kind. Someone who isn’t materialistic would be good. I don’t have much interest in collecting material things (other than cds and books). Spiritually any religion is fine although she better not try converting me hahha. She should be funny and a good conversationalist. She should also not be a superficial person. Nothing wrong with looking good but don’t obsess about it. Obsession for me would be too much makeup, I mean really heavy makeup and fake nails. ICK! I like au naturale. I think a woman actually looks damn good first thing in the morning with sleepy eyes and bedhead hair haha. Can’t think… i’m sure there’s more… later.

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