BorbaTix and Pawsox

borbatix-724223Three cheers for John Borba! John is our good friend and old next-door neighbor from Snug Harbor in Monterey. He’s coming to visit us this spring and has sprung for tickets to a Pawtucket Red Sox baseball game! It will be our first time watching our home team, the PawSox, play from McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket and against the Durham Bulls, no less. Pretty damn cool. We have seats right behind home plate so we should have a great view of all the action on the field. Beer and a live baseball game, can’t wait!

In other news, been busy working on web site stuff and the weekly grocery shopping. We’ve gotten our shopping down to just one day a week when we head down to Providence for the Farmer’s market and then over to the east side to the East Side Market.

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