It’s friggin cold in here!

Ah! Nothing like coming home to a cold apartment! Jaysus! I’m reminded of a bit of dialogue from an old Cheers episode that went something like this… Sam (or was it Coach or Woody) says to Norm, “What’s up?” Norm says, “My nipples. It’s cold out there.”

I’m already cold from the 20 minute bike ride in the dark back from Mom’s. Achtung and heater are on.

I must write about this strange dream I had last night (this morning). In it, I’m on a dock with my brother waiting for the next riverboat ferry to an island across the way where some rich kid is throwing his birthday bash. Fireworks are seen sprouting above the island in the distance. Jesse gets on the boat but for some reason I don’t and the next thing I know I’m sitting in this chair that I’m sitting in now and rolling around on a dirt road nearby. I roll up to my Dad who’s sitting there in another chair. We start talking about his old friend Don Gunther when suddenly I notice that the fireworks have become dragons somewhat like Fellowship of the Ring Gandalf firework dragons. One of the dragons sees us down there on the road and swoops in. It’s hovering above us and I hear a voice say, “Show your finger.” Then the dragon speaks, “Where’s its wing? Where’s its wing?” I realize that if I either don’t show it a finger or flap my arms like I’ve got some wings that it is going to get me. I start poking my finger up in the air and flapping my arms like a madman. To no avail of course. The dragon isn’t fooled one bit and so my Dad and I rush to a nearby tree which entangles the dragon and allows us to beat the crap out of it. That’s it. The end. Strange eh? Wonder what the hell it means? I have many wierd dreams like that.

“Every artist is a cannibal. Every poet is a thief. All kill their inspiration and sing about the grief.”

The Fly is such a good song. The guitar solo never fails to give me goosebumps. Funny thing is this was the very first song I heard off the Achtung Baby album back in 1991 and I HATED it. Actually I hated every single song on this album. I thought what the fuck? This ain’t no Joshua Tree. But now! Now, this album kicks the shit out of everything else. Call me obsessed, crazy, whatever the fuck you want but I don’t care. It’s pure genius. The shows rocked too. I was fortunate enough to see two of the Zoo TV shows. One in LA in the stands at Dodger Stadium and the other on the field of the Oakland Colisseum right up 4 feet from Bono himself as he humped the cameras and threw rubbers at the crowd. Woo! I suffered cracked ribs, welts, and dehydration and it was worth every second. That second show at the Colisseum opened with Public Enemy, flava flav runnin out in KKK garb then the Sugarcubes before Bjork went solo. I made it thru their sets and half of U2’s before I succumbed to the pressure of 13,000 sweaty bloody stinky bodies pinning me up in the air against the barrier. Here’s a tip…if you get pinned like that and haven’t touched the ground in 45 minutes and you think you’re going to pass out all you need to do is tell the people surrounding you you want out. They’ll throw you out. Trust me.

I’m tempted to actually watch some tv tonight. CSI is on. The Caruso one. He sucks but the show’s good. Hmm tv or no tv? That’s the question. I haven’t watched tv since last thursday and then the thursday before that. Sometimes I fantasize about tossing the damn thing but then I wouldn’t be able to watch movies. Movies…I haven’t seen anything lately. Really really want to see the extended Two Towers. Gollum Gollum! We wants it. We needs it. Gonna watch CSI. Brought the tv out here ha.

More later…

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