Well well, I asked Steven today at the end of a long and very productive day about the other two people who tried out for the apprenticeship. He said, “Well, there was this French guy…but I don’t like French guys. (Steven’s a brit)Then there was this woman but she was too pushy.” So that makes me the only one! I’m the only one he’s asked back. Woo! So now in about 3 weeks time I’ll get to make one of the plaster jackets for the rubber molds entirely on my own as a test. No fuckin problem! Today I was one and sometimes two steps ahead of whatever stage we were working on. Completely cleaned and organized the studio. I think he’s pretty pleased with my performance. It’s the coolest job ever even tho it doesn’t pay a cent. hahha Today I got to work on one of the plaster castings of one of the bacchae pieces on my own. Prepped it for the production mold which we’ll make next week. Prep included removing all positive and negative air bubbles in the plaster. Also helped assemble a resin copy of the same piece for display in the studio. Damn! I’m having fun.

In other news… Jesse got approval for me to join the DAC for monterey county. DAC is the Deaf Advisory Council which is basically a watchdog type group that pushes for things like captioned movies, public tty phones, etc. It’ll be a cool experience and a chance to help out in the community. I’ll be representing others like me who are hard of hearing. First meeting will be in January.

Ok so now I’ve got those two good things going. Where the women?!!! Come on! I’m right here! hahaha

Debating whether or not to open a bottle of wine. No other booze present and nothing else to do tonight other than kick back. Tomorrow I’m going to Dad’s after work for a Christmas eggnog/brandy party then heading up to Cat and Kirk’s to crash for the night so I can feed their cats again while they’re gone. Dungeon Siege? I think so.

I keep finding plaster stuck to me. My hands itch from the fiberglass. I’m exhausted but full of energy. Ahh this is great!

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