Ahem ahem…

News on the Pawtucket front, I spent the day cleaning and working on web stuff. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when we hit the gym again and I’ll pick up another book to read at the library. Currently rereading Stephen King’s On Writing which is a memoir/writing how-to of sorts full of amusing anecdotes and good advice for writers. Check it out.

We’ve been listening to Somafm tonight. If you haven’t tried internet radio before these guys have some great stations to listen to. Try Secret Agent. “The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life. For Spies and PIs too!” You won’t find any bubblegum pop crap here.

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  1. About that news article, I’m so ready to start protesting.

    Love the music. Had to check it out just because of the name and the tagline. 🙂

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