ah beah

doggygansett-736866I couldn’t help it. It’s payday and I’ve got this spiffy new beer glass to try out so I trudged on up to Murphy’s Liquors for a six pack of ‘gansett. ‘Tis good it is.

Christmas is upon us. Mom will be visiting us for just over a week starting on Friday. I can’t wait to see her. We’ll have a car for some of the time she’s here so we’ll make some trips up to Boston and possibly Salem. I think it will really depend on the weather tho. It’s supposed to snow again tonight and tomorrow. Last week’s snow is still here and only about a quarter melted.

Tomorrow it’s deep clean day to ready the apartment and at some point head on out to the gym after a week of not going. Between the snow shoveling and treks thru the mini snow mountains to the store we haven’t gotten to the gym yet. Tomorrow for sure and definitely on Friday before we head down to meet mom at the airport. I only feel a little guilty for not going but it’s ok cuz it’s given my knee a rest and hiking thru snow is a bitch! ha.

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