I…am…beat! I worked with Steven today from 9 this morning until 545 this evening and didn’t look at my watch once the whole time (not counting lunch of course). I’m pretty sure the apprenticeship is mine. He said in February I’ll get to go up with him to Berkeley to see the sculptures cast in bronze. February being a couple months away I can only assume it’s mine! Woo! I’ll ask for sure on wednesday tho.

More cool news… my Dad signed the lease to his gallery today! When I gave work notice the other day I told them that was the reason for leaving. Lied of course because I didn’t know for sure if he was going to do it but today he did indeed sign the lease and the gallery is a go. Awesome! So now my art career is about to take off!

Life is good and getting better. Who knew?

On the downside, Josie left a message the other day for me saying she needed my help cleaning the house. What?! I have to call her tomorrow to see what’s up. She did drop off some of my stuff at least. She left a note with it signed, “love, Josie” What the hell? Is she serious? After last time I saw her I really just want all of this overwith! I do love her still but just not in love with her anymore. She’s not the same woman I fell in love with. Besides, now I’m really beginning to enjoy my new life…as lonely as it is sometimes.

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