The New

I’ve been so busy lately building websites for others that I’ve been neglecting my own. So I thought I’d spend the day restyling my site and updating some of the content and layout. The biggest change is the site name and address. As most of you know, SummerChilde is my real middle name and since […]

Ubiquitous Things

Ubiquitous ThingsCellphonesand losersbare bonesand hootersPlastic facesLifts and bracesElastic bands and expanding waistsBearded lunaticskidnapping twelve year oldswho kick and scream just as they’re toldrich oily men with everyone’s moneylocked in some bankon a beach where it’s sunnyhomeless with cardboardbombs in the airportwhere perverts pat the women down12 hundred namelessshut behind barsthey took their computers and even […]