Long day. Disappointing. The Artworks photographer came in today with Erin Clark but they totally ignored the process of what we do which means I don’t think they got a single photo of me working. I’m at Mom’s. Got a txt from T-mobile that the automatic payment for the sidekick didn’t go thru. Sent it […]


Just after midnight and instead of U2 we are listening to Gorillaz. Both bands are great but U2 will always be my favorite. Good music. Good people. We are still at the studio and it doesn’t look like Keri is any closer to starting a painting. Lots of false starts wiped away with a rag. […]

12/12/2005 "As The Crow Flies"

Monday. Last few hours I’ve been busy cleaning up the studio and gathering images for collage. Keri has just left to go take her ASL final. She has definitely passed the course. Stuck in a Moment playing. I don’t plan on going in to the sculpture studio tomorrow. Instead I’m off to earn 50 bucks […]