John Borba 1968 – 2012

It’s all good

Sunday morning

the radio’s on in Borbazon

the Del Monte hum

laced in cocktail smoke

Borba dances to the groove

seven and seven

and it’s almost eleven,

the lost hour

Sunday morning

the radio’s gone

shades drawn on an empty room

bare walls echoing memory

the last light in Snug Harbor

has gone out

and the hum has faded into traffic

as it waves against the shore

and out there,

beyond the line of sea,

a voice among the waves,

“It’s all good.”

-for John Borba 7/13/12 R.I.P.

My awesome friend John Borba passed away three days ago on June 29th. I’m sad that I’ll never get to talk to him again. John was truly a good guy. He was genuine and generous and had a kind soul. His motto in life was “it’s all good.” John was all about having a good time.