As of September 1, 2013 the rates for design work are as follows:

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Hourly Rate:

$75 per hour | $45 per half hour |  $25 per 15m  (minimum)

Minimums are strictly enforced as to allow maximum efficiency on both our parts. I don’t want to charge you a minimum for five minutes of work, so please gather your materials ahead of time and provide me with enough material to satisfy the minimum. Often times I will prepare the items I need from you in advance.

Site Conversion Rate:

Upgrade your static HTML website to the WordPress publishing platform. Cost ranges from $750 to $1000 depending on the original site design and amount of content. Original designs are converted to WordPress theme templates and all content is placed exactly as on the original. Customizations to design are not included. The finished site will look as close as possible to the original and will include SEO optimization and Google XML Sitemap. A non-refundable 50% deposit plus cost of hosting/url or setup fee required at the start of any work to be done. All themes will have a link back in the footer to KeriMarionDesign.com.

Project Rate:

Web: I do not charge by the hour for full designs; rather, I  will write you a quote after we discuss what it is you want to do and what is generally expected of me.  I always factor in more hours than I think I will need for corrections or changes because often times you won’t entirely know what you want until we start. Usually, the quote works out to be about $40/hr. Full site design and development typically runs between $1250-$2300. Print: I quote Print Projects by the hour, but I add 1 gratis hour for corrections in proofing. This should allow enough time for 1-2 proof corrections by email. For example, if I have quoted you 3 hours design time, I am giving you 4 which is just under $58/hr.  Most print jobs do not take more than 4 hours total, but it will depend on both your preparedness and your project. If you are sending me graphics to use in your print project, please ensure they are at minimum 300dpi at the approximate end-result size you need them. For example, say your project is a standard letter size and you want the graphic to fill half of the page, you’ll want the graphic to be at least 4.25″ x 5.5″ @ 300dpi.

Rush Rate:

Requests with less than 7 day deadline will be charged at a rate of $100/hr with a 1 hour minimum.

When I am pressed to take care of one client, it could potentially obstruct another client’s time and therefore puts both other clients and me in an unfair position. With that said, often times I can take care of things within a 2-3 day time frame – sometimes even faster – so all I ask is for you to be organized with your deadlines to ensure the proper flow of information for everyone. This “rush rate” must be implemented to prevent overlaps and allow the time for everything to be prepared properly, avoiding mistakes and encouraging maximum efficiency.


I will occasionally accept bartered goods or services against my design rate. I cannot always accept your bartered offer, so please be prepared to pay the full design rate before contacting me to negotiate a barter. I cannot barter against Third Party Services


I require a 30% or $300 deposit, whichever is higher, to start any job that exceeds $500. Jobs that are less than $500 will require a 50% deposit. Deposits are non-refundable; however, the full amount will be applied to your final bill.


As noted before, all work should be given with a one-week minimum deadline. Of course, not everything can be achieved in a one-week period and while I believe this is self-evident, I understand the necessity to bring the issue up. One week is the minimum amount of time needed, not the maximum. I will do my best to ensure a timely manifestation of your needs. The best way to ensure this is to make sure you have some of your content together and solid ideas about what you want to have done. After we begin designing, we go through a series of proofs to ensure that you are getting what you want. I will often put only a couple of hours into something before sending it just to see if we are on the same page. There are very few times I will publish things without your express authorization. Such cases like a “placeholder page” on your website with very minimal information so that if someone does accidentally seek you out in the process, your contact information is available. There is usually some sort of approval already in place before I do these sorts of things, so I use my best judgment in these cases. For approvals, I will send you texts & images. In the beginning, as I’m getting to know you and your business, it is very, very important for you to correct and manipulate this information or request that I make changes as are appropriate. I am not a mind-reader, and while my superior confidence and extreme intellect confuse people to the idea that I know everything, the truth is there’s no way I could know what your site objective or content needs are until you’ve told me. I turn ideas into visual representations. You should have an idea of what you want the site to project and what kinds of content you want displayed before you contact me. It doesn’t need to be concrete, but it should be considered . It saves us all time & money.

Please note: these rates are separate from design rates and are subject to change without notice – please use these figures only as a guideline. Your quote will give you a more specific figure.

Web Hosting

  • Server only $80/yr.
  • URL $20/yr each.
  • You may have as many URLs as you like point to your site, but after five, it is $20 for each additional block of five.
  • Additional Bandwidth, if needed, $10 per Gigabyte.


Q Trifold, 8.5 x 11
25 $80
50 $120
100 $200
250 $300
500 $575
1000 $725
1500 $800
2000 $875
2500 $1100
10,000 $2000


  • Yields approximately  six 3.5″ panels
  • Prices do not include shipping or design time.

Business Cards


Matte Glossy Back b/w Back color Foil Accent
250 $45 $65 +$10 +$25 +$50
500 $65 $100 +$20 +$45 +$65
1000 $85 $135 +$30 +$65 +$85
1500 $95 $150 +$40 +$85 +$105
2000 $105 $175 +$50 +$100 +$125


  • There is no charge for blank back side. Card stock is white.
  • Matte finish usually looks best.
  • Use Glossy finish for artwork or images that are photographic.
  • Standard stock for business cards is an 80lb cover stock.
  • Consider upgrading to 100lb card stock for 20% extra. It’s really worth it.
  • Prices do not include shipping or design time.


Q 4/1 4/4    
25 $60 $75    
50 $90 $110    
100 $160 $185    
250 $270 $300    
500 $550 $585    
1000 $650 $680    
1500 $700 $750    
2000 $765 $800    
2500 $825 $875    
5000 $1000 $1100    
10,000 $1900 $2000    


  • 4/1 means Full Color on front; Grayscale on back.
  • 4/4 means Full Color on both sides
  • Prices do not include shipping or design time.


Q 4/1 4/4 os 4/1 os 4/4
50 n/a n/a $50 $75
100 $50 $75 $85 $120
250 $125 $175 $150 $200
500 $175 $250 $275 $340
1000 $250 $325 $400 $480
1500 $325 $425 $500 $575
2000 $400 $475 $600 $725
2500 $450 $525 $725 $1000
5000 $525 $675 $1000 $1300
10,000 $1000 $1200 $1800 $2200
20,000 $1500 $2000 $3200 $3500


  • 4/1 means Full Color on front; Grayscale on back.
  • 4/4 means Full Color on both sides
  • Front side of all postcards is covered with a UV protection, making the card slightly glossy
  • Back side of all postcards is matte finish (best for writing)
  • Standard postcard size is approximately 4″x6″
  • Oversized (os) postcard size is approximately 8.5″x6″
  • Prices do not include shipping or design time.


Q Full Color,  11.25″ x 17.30″
1 $15
2 $20
3 $30
4 $36
5 $40
10 $60
20 $100
50 $200
100 $400
200 $800


  • Prices do not include shipping or design time.