"Ubiquitous Things"

and losers
bare bones
and hooters

Plastic faces
Lifts and braces
Elastic bands and expanding waists

Bearded lunatics
kidnapping twelve year olds
who kick and scream just as they’re told

rich oily men
with everyone’s money
locked in some bank
on a beach where it’s sunny

homeless with cardboard
bombs in the airport
where perverts pat the women down

12 hundred nameless
shut behind bars
they took their computers and even the cars

elephants and asses
are the voice of the masses
and they’re on vacation for the rest of the month

wars, the dead, the barely living
white-haired old men on a rant
the crazy madmen, the mad sycophant

the bible thumper and turnstile jumper
the pennies in the middle of the street
charred forest and hamburger meat

supersize soft drink
times where you can’t think
when the world has no smile

fat lazy bastards
driving gas-guzzlers
guzzling back beer

bimbos and airheads
baseball caps and clothes from the Gap
walking billboards with holes in their heads

girls who wear zero
guys who make zero
this man’s a hero just for the day

militants in khakis
Afghanis! Iraqis!
children with guns
wee lads on jihad

overpaid actors
overworked doctors
overplayed hands and bubble gum bands

rubbernecked drivers locked in gridlock
pork belly pundits, roadside masked bandits
cheaters and interns down on their knees

ticket lines of cattle
the almighty buck
a country’s death rattle
is good and bad luck

Buddhists and Muslims with prayers proffered
evangelical pilgrims with hands in the coffers
lost fortunes, lost people, crooked white coppers

mass market blue painters
lawyers on retainer
plastic containers in superfunds
toy poodles, spaghetti noodles, and horny daschunds

black outs, burn outs, brown outs, turn outs
people with tumors
and good juicy rumors

porno and spam mail
El Ninos and gray whales
hackers on yahoo with bottles of yoohoo

DVD video satellite dish
ozone depletion and wasted by-catch fish
poor migrant workers digging a ditch

disastrous weather, farmer tans
crooks on the TV
when the shit hits the fan

punks, rednecks, cowboys and girls
the American flag waving unfurled

big swollen egos
drink cold cappucinos
while eyes pour over want ads

glad-handing fascists
neo-hippie pacifists
comics, rockets, missiles, and blacklists

there’s crack pipes, hash pipes
big bongs and weed
there’s boy scouts and mean dogs
and babies in need

presidents who say no
hotdogs and playdough
butch women with mullets
a kid took a bullet
on the playground

washed up old has-beens
homeless in trash bins
eating your left over meal

and finally, there’re poets who plan
with pens in hand
just how to open your eyes