"The Main Drag"

Taking one long cool walk down the avenue
past the stores of our youth
past the windows of our dreams
one smooth stretch of road
plop right in the middle of it all
We got the guitars on the right
the flicks to the left and right
liquor every which way
We got the hotel at the end
the four corners at the other
and our lives right in between

Taking that long cool walk down the main drag
a deep drag and inhale
filling up our lungs with the night
and then exhaling this crazed existence

Sometimes at four in the morning
we’d sit outside those windows
with our breath against the glass
while we gawked at the future on the walls

Sometimes we’d fill up by the fire
drinking our black and tans
and listen to the music
ringing overhead

We took the long cool walk down Alvarado
and watched our world go by
past the windows
past the guitars
right down to the end
and then we took separate roads