"A Brief Glance at the Television"

A brief glance at the television
and that’s entertainment for you, America
half-naked women climbing some rope
white trash beer bellies busted for dope
bullets flying and no praying children
and tears left forgotten in the government dungeon
beautiful idiots playing a game
for money, them whores, and 15 minutes of fame
dirty-jeaned glances and hungry mouths
stuffed with burritos and tastes of the south
dirty little secrets and trips to Hawaii
it’ll take more than that to buy me
you’re on camera one and now camera two
they’ve got your whole life on for the world to view
bargain out your soul to the devil or the angels
two ways down the same road at different angles
cast out the demons, the hucksters those too
don’t sell me your illusions mixed with the truth
say goodbye to privacy say goodbye to solace
you dance your little number, you puppet yourself for us
say hello to mind-control, say hello to the latest poll
we’ve got the biggest fads in the superbowl
stab some pigs and jump in a river
these hard liquor ads are killing my liver
sing me a song, dance me a tune
there’s nothing else on in the month of June
measure your time by watching these reruns
we’ll keep you brain-dead till well after one
orange infomercials and shows about whitebread
a feast for the eyes and a knock in the head
douse me with water, set me on fire
and on the news you can call me a liar
bombs on the bus, bulldozer town
the president is speaking 100 feet underground
it doesn’t matter to you ’cause your show is on
that the Bamiyan Buddhas and bin Laden are gone
guess what I’ve got…my hand on the remote
so no more fake cops and Murder She Wrote