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Cooking Up a Benevolent Life

The Benevolent Cook Keri and I have a new project. The Benevolent Cook. The main goal of the site is to provide easy to cook vegan recipes. The project was inspired by our Whole30 experiments starting January. We're currently in our third run-through of Whole30. We...

Blogging from the garden

Testing out my new Kindle Fire tablet down here at the garden. So far so good. I really like the fact that I can take pictures with it instead of lugging around the big camera.

Still Runnin’

Yep, I'm still running. In fact, I've run every day this year aside from 2 days to recover from an injury and 1 day when I just didn't have the chance to get out there. Not only that but I am on my 4th day of a new challenge. 5K a day. I ran my [...]

Vegan “Chicken” Noodle Soup

Soup season is getting off to a good start this year with a brand new recipe in our house. Keri and I have recently discovered the wonders of Jackfruit. This tropical fruit has the texture of chicken/pork when pan-fried or roasted and then shredded. It has a slightly...

What to do with all that chard?

Chard, a relative of the beet plant, is ridiculously easy to grow here so we grow a lot of it. Kale is just as easy to grow but kale is cheap to buy by the pound at the store. Chard, on the other hand, is expensive. I have no idea why. I actually prefer chard...

Breakfast of Champions

Keri and I have a new routine. For the past month we have been getting up before the crack of dawn at 5:30ish. Up and dressed and out the door before 6. Keri heads off to yoga class and I go for my run. We do this Monday through Friday and then rest on the [...]

The Golden Snitch Pineapple Tomatillo

Fall is here so Keri and I are getting ready for the colder temps ahead. That means digging up our pepper plants down at the garden to overwinter them inside the apartment. We didn't dig them up today but rather went down to see what we had and to get our...

Pull My Daisy

https://vimeo.com/92403607 I have seen this before but this is the first time I have found a captioned version of the film. Sweet! Pull My Daisy is a film that stars most of the core Beat authors and is written/narrated by Kerouac.